donderdag, mei 31, 2007

Red, Rood, Rouge, Rojo

woensdag, mei 30, 2007


...I will have my own professional photosite online!
Like a taste?
Here a screenshot...

Final URL will be posted in time...
(I guess a week or two...)

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Double Footprint?

dinsdag, mei 29, 2007

Airshow Oostwold

Yesterday there was an airshow at Oostwold Airport, to the north of Groningen.
The local, one-strip airport is known for its annual airshows, mostly filled with spectacular shows by all kinds of dated (fighter) aeroplanes.
Helas the weather showed heavvy overcast skies with an occasional drizzle...
Not quite the opportunity for fine and crispy photographs...
But I loaded the family in the car and we went anyhow...
Here some shots that turned out reasonably ok...

maandag, mei 28, 2007

Freedom - Part IV

Waddenzee at sunset, as seen from the Groene Strand , Terschelling.

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zondag, mei 27, 2007

"Freedom" - Part III

vrijdag, mei 25, 2007

"Freedom" - Part II

Terschelling is a Kitesurfers Paradise...
Mostly there is a nice constant breeze along the Northsea shore.
The Surfclub -Terschelling has some talented members as you can see...

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woensdag, mei 23, 2007

The Chase...

Boat chasing man??

dinsdag, mei 22, 2007

Lifeboat in Action on Terschelling - Part II

Some more actionshots of the "Frans Hogewind", during demonstrations along the coastline of West aan Zee.

Photo's shot from the beach (so no boat, or wet feet...) with the 100-400mm at full range, F/8, 1/2000sec, iso 400

vrijdag, mei 18, 2007

Photo-Essay "Freedom" Part I

I walk over Water...
New Assessment, first photo of a series with the subject "Freedom"...

donderdag, mei 17, 2007

Ceramics Market Dwingeloo

Every year at Ascension Day, there is a Ceramists Market in the Town of Dwingeloo...
More than 90 Ceramists from all over europe show their work and put it up for sale...
A nice dry day today, though slightly overcast most of the time...
Lots of people visiting the market, looking, looking and sometimes buying.
Some impressions:

Musical instruments all made of ceramic material.

Two harsh sisters...

Our friend Matthieu vd Giessen's potterystand.

Waiting for an icecream...

Just dreaming...

dinsdag, mei 15, 2007

Lifeboatlaunch Terschelling

During our stay on Terschelling-Island there was a demonstration of the Search and Rescue Services of the Island.
We witnessed the launch of the "Frans Hogewind", the Lifeboat stationned at Terschelling aan Zee.
This little Lifeboat is perfectly capable of roaming the rough shoreline of the Northsea.

Launchvehicle in action.


Full speed ahead!

For missoins going further onto the Northsea and the Waddenzee, the bigger and stronger Lifeboat of Terschelling-West mostly is put into action.
I actually went on a spin with that Lifeboat that same day!
Photo's of that event will be posted in the near future...
Tomorrow: More "Frans Hogewind" actionshots!

maandag, mei 14, 2007


Last Sunday we went sailing with a group of Friends on the Sneekermeer in the northern province of Friesland.
The typical Fries' sailingships are very flat vessels with mostly two sails...
Two or three persons are enough to handle the sails and rudder.
As you can see the weather was good for sailing and bad for suntanning...;-)

Ferris Wheel

Location: Dam, Amsterdam.

zaterdag, mei 12, 2007

Freedom - Part I

Next assignment Fotovakschool: Essay about "Freedom".

woensdag, mei 09, 2007

De Winkel van Sinkel - Deel II

The Licorice-store Madame

For the Fotovakschool next friday is again Assessement-day.

"Shoot a picture of a little store with its owner and the merchendise on sale".
It should be a "warm" picture...

Well nothing more Dutch than the candy called "Drop"!
I believe the English call it licorice, although that is a hard sort of candy, while "our" Drop is mostly soft, and comes in all kinds of forms and flavours, sweet, salt, sauer, mint, laurier, sweetwood, honey, you name it!
Found this little "DropShop" in Groningen-city...
The lady in charge was not happy having her picture taken, but cooperated after all...
Well, it still shows a better focus on the Drop!
Which one is you favorite?

Flying the Kite!

The Northshore of Terschelling with a gusty wind...
Ideal place to do some stuntkiting...

maandag, mei 07, 2007

Fata Morgana?

Well,..I'm back!
Nine days of Beautifull Terschelling,
Eight days of Steel Blue Skies and Sunshine,
Although the wind was too chilly to lay down on the beach, and really bake,
it was excellent for flying a Kite and hiking the shore line, cycling through the Dunes, getting a Pint on the veranda of café "De Walvis" overlooking the Groene Strand beach, where the above picture was taken...
Some two miles of flat beach along the "wad"side, the quiet seaside of the Island.
Ending in a narrow water-passage to the open North-Sea where ships can enter the Waddenzee between Terschelling and Vlieland, the next island you see on the other side of the passage...
You see a sailingship entering the Waddezee, coming from the Northsea...
Used the 100-400mm at max. range.